Wide Screen

This morning I was looking  at a post on Social media, and I saw a sweet post of a Couple enjoying their rainy morning. Quiet peaceful… Clean morning. It wasn’t a spectacular, or a “brag” post, just a close up of two sweet coffee mugs and, a statement “enjoying this rainy morning.”  I just thought ugh… I want a simple sweet morning with my hubby. We are the newish owners of an 8 month old yellow lab puppy. So there is not a lot of clean or peaceful mornings. Did I mention that my house is never ever, ever,  clean for more than 2 minutes?  Unless he is sleeping ,and we tiptoed around to pick up after him.

This is my reality

I started to think, wait  I want that, not what we had.  Not  the sweet puppy that we have, just what someone else had. Quiet, lazy rainy mornings. With really cute coffee mugs! I mean is that too much to ask? We had raised our children . Our youngest were 21 years old, we had paid our dues, I want that. You know, lazy sweet weekend mornings.

It’s not the happiest place to be in your mind. And I’m pretty good at letting myself get all kinds of carried away.  Thoughts like…  It’s really all John’s (the hubby) fault. He wanted a dog. We had just recently lost our lovely sweet  chocolate lab Haas at the wonderful age of 12.  I was really ready to just be John and I. But I love John, and he is one of those special dog people, you know the kind, they share their ice cream cones, their beds, and their cars with their pup. His whole family are wonderful loving dog people. They don’t notice slobber or hair. They are lovely! So I said “ok if we are getting a dog, let’s get a puppy”, I have never had a puppy, it has always been older dogs when I got them. And aren’t puppies so cute?

So here I am,  me thinking I want those coffee cup mornings, as I’m outside for the 3rd time in an hour ( housebreaking a pup means a lot of trips outside “just in case”)walking my sweet puppy Booker around the yard, and I start to think ,”well Tammy that was a close up shot of their morning. If I look at their morning with a “wide screen” it can be a whole different story. I madLy love my husband. I mean still in love with him! We have 4 sweet thoughtful children who love us. That’s the “wide angle” of my story. I have plenty of pretty puppy shots, and beautifully dressed pictures of my family and I, Cue pretty family shots… 

But it’s the messy wonderful “wide screen” shots of my life that tell the real story.  There you can see our true crooked, winding beautiful,  journey. And it’s all ours. 

Until next time, ” may the road rise up to meet you” .  TL Zachary